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Whether it's divorce, an unhappy marriage, a haram relationship, finding out your favourite take-away isn't halal, a crush or ANY other cause of heart break...this course is for YOU!
  • 100% Of Students On Previous Programme Achieved Recovery
  • In-depth Research From Qur'an, Sunnah & Classical Texts Compiled By Scholars
  • Techniques Based On Recent Advances In Psychology 
  • Audio Files Of Exercises Available For Download  

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So HOW Exactly Will I Get Over My Heartbreak?

Step 1

In order to get over something you first have to Understand it. Accept it. Acknowledge it's reality. This module does exactly that! Together we will unravel the truth about WHY you're suffering from heartbreak...

Step 2

Once you have understood the problem you have to take steps towards a solution! With proven techniques from years of experience (& successful ones at that!) rooted from the Qur'an and Sunnah, by this point you will be well on your way to recovery!

Step 3

Now by this point you will have cleared your heart and mind bi'ithnillah, but now we have to work towards filling it. You might ask yourself: 'With what?' Well that's something you'll have to SIGN UP to find out!

Step 4

Time for the FINAL step! 
Diagnosis? Check. 
Heartbreak Therapy? Check. 
Spiritual Surgery? Check.
Now you are spiritually, emotionally and mentally ready to experience new love, we are going to take you through practical steps on HOW to do so!